Correspondent Announcements


14-19C South Dakota Flooding – Disaster Alert

13-19C Arkansas Flooding – Disaster Alert

12-19C Oklahoma Storms – Disaster Alert

11-19C Memorial Day Holiday

10-19C VA IRRRL Updates and Changes

09-19C Iowa Flooding – Disaster Alert

08-19C Loan Purchase Requirements

07-19C Nebraska Flooding – Disaster Alert

06-19C Alabama Tornadoes – Disaster Alert

05-19C El Paso and Pueblo Colorado – Purchase Loan Minimum FICO Requirements for FHA, VA, and USDA loans

04-19C President’s Day Holiday

03-19C Alaska Earthquake – Disaster Alert

02-19C Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

01-19C Reinstatement of Tax Transcript Requirement


32-18C Federal Government Shutdown

31-18C New Year’s Day Holiday

30-18C Christmas Day Holiday

29-18C Loan Limit and DU Updates/Changes

28-18C Alaska Earthquake – Disaster Alert

27-18C Thanksgiving Holiday

26-18C California Wildfires – Disaster Alert

25-18C Veteran’s Day Holiday

24-18C DU Refi Plus/LP Open Access Discontinuation

23-18C Wisconsin Severe Storms – Disaster Alert

22-18C Hurricane Michael– Disaster Alert

21-18C Columbus Day Holiday

20-18C USDA Rural Housing Development – Funds Availability

19-18C Hurricane Florence– Disaster Alert

18-18C Hurricane Florence– Temporary Funding Suspension

17-18C Labor Day Holiday

16-18C California Wildfires And High Winds– Disaster Alert

15-18C Minimum FICO requirement when using Gift Funds

14-18C Texas Severe Storms and Flooding– Disaster Alert

13-18C Independence Day Holiday

12-18C Purchase Incentive

11-18C Memorial Day Holiday

10-18C Disaster Area Notification

09-18C Disaster Area Notification

08-18C Government Loan Level Price Adjustment Changes

07-18C 15 Day Lock Extensions

06-18C 15 Day Lock Extensions

05-18C President's Day Holiday

04-18C Disaster Area Notification

03-18C 6 Month Seasoning Requirement on VA Cash Out

02-18C Extended Lock Request Hours

01-18C Martin Luther King, Jr Day Holiday


47-17C New Year's Day Holiday

46-17C Christmas Day Holiday

45-17C Disaster Area Notification

44-17C 2018 Conforming Loan Limits

43-17C Thanksgiving Holiday

42-17C Veteran's Day Holiday

41-17C Disaster Area Notification

40-17C Columbus Day Holiday

39-17C USDA Rural Housing Development - Funds Availability

38-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

37-17C Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Uniform Closing Dataset

36-17C Disaster Area Notification

35-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

34-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

33-17C Disaster Area Notification

32-17C Labor Day Holiday

31-17C Correspondent Purchase Review Process Changes

30-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

29-17C MSF Forms Update / Initial Submission Process Update

28-17C Loan Level Price Adjustment Changes

27-17C Lock Desk Hours

26-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

25-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

24-17C Conditions Email

23-17C Independence Day Holiday

22-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

21-17C Initial Underwriting Decision

20-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

19-17C Memorial Day Holiday

18-17C Fannie Mae Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance

17-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

16-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

15-17C Loan Submission Policy

14-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

13-17C Purchase Incentive

12-17C Loan Level Price Adjustment Changes

11-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

10-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

09-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

08-17C Rate Sheet Format Change

07-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

06-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

05-17C President's Day Holiday

04-17C FHA MIP Reduction

03-17C "Auto Lock" Implementation

02-17C Guideline Updates and Changes

01-17C Guideline Updates and Changes